Manchester photo shoot 2016

IMG_0960 Lancashire clubland  Penwortham 3  Croston 4  Local festivals supporting local causes

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Callum’s 50th Birthday celebration British Legion Lostock Hall 10th Feb 2017


I can’t thank my family and friends who came to my 50th bash last night it was an amazing night ..Great buffet (Nicola Webb thanks hunni ) piper Bill Barlow superb m8 everyone loved it ….Geoff the DJ outstanding m8 and your Lady Ga Ga brilliant. …Mike Collins Top performance m8 everyone saying how amazing you were, well done and thank you. …overwhelming i am so lucky to have an amazing family and friends am all ready planning my 60th lol
Thanks ageing and God Bless you xx

Frank Wood : What a good night at Callum’s 50th birthday bash and Mike Collins what a fab singer he is. Think I’ll be having him at my 60th.

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Leyland KC Club March 2017

Hi mick thanks for a great night last night bill and i really enjoyed it Yvonne is lovely really down to earth just my kind .   Sheila & Bill

                                           17155992_1861928954078144_7462800310247054993_n.jpg Mike KC Club 2

Trader Jacks Chorley

Trader Jacks is a local public house with real warm local people run and managed by Donna, who has and continues to place the emphasis on the local people. I have had the pleasure of performing here and the local people have made the night enjoyable by dancing the night away, even having a sing along themselves. Its a great pub with spirit and atmosphere. A lovely warm welcome awaits at this local Lancashire venue.

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The Pineapple Edgeley Stockport
One of my favourite venues, always a warm welcome and a great night. Although a small venue, it allows me to engage the audience with some humour and each visit a sing along with some great people i have met each visit. The pineapple is run by Linda and Denis who have made this venue a real down to earth and popular local venue in the heart of Stockport.

A regular venue for Mike and each visit see’s new music and the opportunity to introduce something new each time. From a new ballad, dance or country song ,all music is welcomed and enjoyed by the people i have got to know over time who have welcomed me and made me feel like one of there own family.

The Pineapple

IMG_0200   IMG_0201IMG_0202    IMG_0204 Denice sings Penny arcade

IMG_0203   Mike & Pete sing together