In the ever changing world of commerce and business. Mike Collins is pleased to support local small business entrapanures in developing there future,along with many local charities that support the community. Display screens are designed to give you direct communication to the general public at my events. Show graphics are able to accommodate up to 30 seconds advertising on screen at live venues,they may also at some venues display full presentations. Displayed in small venues on a full screen 12 x 8 and for the larger venues two smaller screens either side of our stage set 6 x 5.With clear graphics and your company or charitable organisations details, pictures and information, you are sure to reach your local audience. Advertising displays are programmed into the video graphics and are displayed during the interval between sets.

Display screens are also able to bring our audiences up to date information, on Mike Collins future performances along with information on venues, future events at the venues i perform, giving a whole advertising package for both our audience, venues, small business and that personal message from you to your guests.